Ayubia Heights

Chairman - Ayubia Heights

I, Raja Mobeen, warmly welcome you to Ayubia Heights. At Ayubia Heights, we strive for innovation and improvement in the living standards of ordinary Pakistani. Our priority is to keep our clients at the core of our values, and the comfort in the vicinity of their buildings and projects. I’m proud of my company for serving people and providing them with the facilities they deserve.
Ayubia Heights will always be committed to providing you with all your needs and demands and standardizing living with its luxurious lifestyle.

Mr. Raja Mobeen – Chairman Ayubia Heights


CEO- Ayubia Heights

Our mission is to make a change in the living standard of our people and Ayubia Heights is a glimpse of our resolve. We are determined to fulfill our mission and vision and facilitate the masses with national and international amenities.

Raja Muhammad Khan – CEO Ayubia Heights

COO- Ayubia Heights

Among other Real Estate in Pakistan, you chose and invested in Ayubia Heights which is an honor for us. Your decision is an endorsement of trust in us. We will go beyond everything to keep our promise to you. InshaAllah

Muhammad Saud Faisal – COO Ayubia Heights

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